Introducing Verdin Bridal + Trunk Show

Introducing Verdin Bridal + Trunk Show

Introducing Verdin Bridal + Trunk Show. Mobile Image

Oct 26, 2023

At Carrie Karibo Bridal, we’ve always been on the forefront of bridal fashion, and we’re SO thrilled to introduce you to our newest designer, Verdin Bridal. To celebrate this exciting addition to our bridal family, we are hosting a spectacular trunk show from November 17th to December 4th. During this exclusive event, we’ll showcase the latest styles from the Couture and Blanche collections!



What makes this event even more special is the opportunity to meet the genius behind these breathtaking collections, Gustavo Nuñez. In the world of fashion, Gustavo Nuñez is a name that carries immense weight and prestige. Recently, he was featured in the renowned WWD Magazine, a testament to his exceptional talent and artistry. Now, let's delve into the remarkable journey of this extraordinary designer and what makes Verdin Bridal such a privilege.



Gustavo Nuñez's fashion journey began in Guadalajara, Mexico. Growing up, he was surrounded by creativity and style as he watched his mother design women's sportswear. It was here that he got his first taste of fabrics and garment construction, an experience that would shape his destiny. 


At a young age, Nuñez made the bold decision to move to Los Angeles to chase his dreams in the fashion industry. He arrived with only $400 to his name but possessed an unwavering determination and passion for the craft. He began his journey as a pattern maker, working tirelessly to prove himself. Within a few short years, his exceptional talent and dedication led him to the position of Head Pattern Maker, where he managed a team and honed his skills to perfection.



Over the years, Nuñez has become synonymous with craftsmanship and elegant, timeless silhouettes. His designs are a masterful blend of tradition and innovation, embodying the dreams and desires of brides worldwide. Each gown that bears the Verdin Bridal label is a testament to his dedication to perfection and his passion for creating the most exquisite bridal attire.


Now, Verdin Bridal graces the racks of Carrie Karibo Bridal, and we are beyond thrilled to share this privilege with our brides! Verdin Bridal represents more than just exquisite bridal gowns; it's a promise of perfection, a commitment to making every bride feel like a vision on their special day.



Gustavo Nuñez's designs are a reflection of his lifelong dedication to the art of fashion, combining his Mexican roots with the sophistication of New York City. The Couture and Blanche collections are a testament to his expertise and passion for crafting gowns that are both elegant and timeless.

So, join us from November 17th to December 4th at our trunk show, and don't miss the chance to meet the genius behind Verdin Bridal, Gustavo Nuñez, on December 2nd and 3rd. Book your appointment today to secure your spot and be part of this unforgettable bridal experience!