Trunk show 101: Our best tips for finding unique bridal dresses

Trunk show 101: Our best tips for finding unique bridal dresses

You’ve selected which friends and family members get to come along and experience your dream dress search, and you’re ready to get started! One of the best ways to find your dream gown is by attending trunk shows at your local bridal boutiques. If you want to find unique, exclusive designs for your special day, here’s the scoop on trunk shows:


What is a trunk show? 


A trunk show is a 1 to 2 day long event where a designer will send a collection to be showcased exclusively in specific bridal boutiques for just the duration of the show. These gowns may be either pre-sell items, or part of an existing collection that is not usually found in stores. As you can imagine, no one bridal boutique can realistically carry each of every designer’s creations, so trunk shows are a special opportunity to find hidden gems that you may not find anywhere else. You may just find your dream dress unexpectedly. 


When are they held? 


You can check out our boutique’s website for upcoming events, or follow @CarrieKariboBridal on Instagram and be on the lookout for announcements posted to our Stories. You can also contact our boutique directly and ask our stylists for the latest updates on which trunk shows we’ll be hosting soon.


What are some perks to a trunk show than a regular in-store visit? 


We thought you’d never ask! Along with finding fresh designs you would not normally find in store, designers often offer exclusive discounts on dresses bought during the duration of the event. In other words, a unique find and a fitting price? Now, that’s a deal!


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